MegaCLI tiny cheat sheets

MegaCLI SAS RAID Management Tool Ver 8.00.46 Feb 03, 2011

MegaCli -EncInfo -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL
MegaCli -PhyInfo -phyM -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL
MegaCli64 -LDInfo -Lall -aALL

MegaCli -LdPdInfo -aALL
MegaCli -AdpEventLog -GetEventLogInfo -aALL

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[FIXED] COD6 MW2 doesn’t launch Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty 6 crash

MW2 Multiplayer Crashes On Load!!!

Whenever I try to start  Multiplayer, the steam window opens, the game prepares to start, and then it just goes black, and crashes back to the desktop without an error message.


remove  ZONE\XXXXXXXXX\mp_playlists_dlc1.ff

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IBM Lenovo RS210 install lenny

no cd-rom detected

use USB!!!

download vmlinuz && initrd.gz

fdisk /dev/sdb
mkdosfs /dev/sdb1
syslinux /dev/sdb1

#vi syslinux.cfg
default /vmlinuz vga=791
append initrd=/initrd.gz

mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1

copy syslinux.cfg vmlinuz initrd.gz /mnt/sdb1
copy Lenny ISO /mnt/sdb1/

lilo -S /dev/null -M /dev/sdb ext
lilo -S /dev/null -A /dev/sdb 1
install-mbr /dev/sdb

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