warez ftp welcome msg

 Di seguito un ottimo messaggio di benvenuto adatto ad un server ftp contenente materiale “protetto”.

La linea dell’autore  dei termini di utilizzo è semplice: sul server è consentito l’upload di una copia in formato digitale di un opera in possesso dell’utente a fini di backup.

Il server è ovviamente ricco di materiale audio/video/software  prorietario. Giusto per ricordarsi i tempi antecedenti l’avvento del p2p , quando ancora il protocollo ftp era LA FONTE per  eccellenza.

[R] 220-This site is intended for people to store backups of software that they have PURCHASED
[R] 220-and don’t have enough room to store on their own computer. Under all licensing agreements,
[R] 220-it is legal to make ONE backup of the software you have PURCHASED. I am offering this
[R] 220-service FREE OF CHARGE to people who are unable to store their legal backups on their
[R] 220-Own computer.
[R] 220-
[R] 220-Downloading any program from this site that you have not PURCHASED is against the law and
[R] 220-this site and its owner assume no responsibility for your actions. If you do not have a
[R] 220-fully licensed copy of the program(s) or video(s) you download, you must delete them
[R] 220-from your computer.
[R] 220-
[R] 220-Everything found here is for backup purposes only.
[R] 220-
[R] 220-Members of any governmental or law enforcement agency are forbidden to use this server
[R] 220-and must log out immediately. Remember that the law DOES apply to you and it is a
[R] 220-violation of federal law to gain unauthorized access to any computer. If you are a member
[R] 220-of any governmental or law enforcement agency and are reading this notice, you have ALREADY
[R] 220-violated the rights of this site’s owner. YOU MUST LOG OFF NOW. Anything you do on this
[R] 220-site will be logged and used against you in a court of law.
[R] 220-
[R] 220-By logging onto this ftp site, you agree not to hold the site’s owner or any associated
[R] 220-parties liable for anything resulting from your actions on this site. If you do not agree
[R] 220 to these terms, YOU MUST LOG OUT NOW.

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