ispconfig roundcube filter use master dovecot user

13/11/2020 by - Uncategorized

setup master auth on dovecot *MASTERUSER

the login username will be account@email*MASTERUSER

edit ispconfig rundcube plugin (ispconfig3_forward,.pispconfig3_autoreply,…) look for $mail_user var, add the following bold text

$mail_user = $this->soap->mail_user_get($session_id, array('login' => $this->rcmail->user->data['username']));
// Alternatively also search the email field, this can differ from the login field for legacy reasons.
if (empty($mail_user)) {
$mail_user = $this->soap->mail_user_get($session_id, array('email' => $this->rcmail->user->data['username']));
if (empty($mail_user)) {
$mail_user = $this->soap->mail_user_get($session_id, array('email' => str_replace('*MASTERUSER','',$this->rcmail->user->data['username'])));

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