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09/02/2010   Windows

script auto connect multi ssh-server konsole

#!/bin/bash ## ## arr dei server formato ‘utente@host |nome_simbolico’ ## SERVER=(‘[email protected] |SERVERA’ ‘[email protected] | SERVERB’ ‘[email protected] -p4390 |SERVERC’ ‘[email protected] -p2100 | SERVERD’) # start a new konsole window and save the handle in $konsole konsole=$(dcopstart konsole-script) # maximize the new window dcop $konsole konsole-mainwindow#1 maximize # get current session for the first (just created) window […]

09/02/2010   Bash

Line Attenuation

Line Attenuation In gerneral, attenuation is the loss of signal over distance. Unfortunately, dB loss is not just dependent on distance. It also depends on cable type and gauge (which can differ over the length of the cable), the number and location other connection points on the cable. •20bB. and below = Outstanding •20dB-30dB. = Excellent •30dB-40dB. = Very Good •40dB-50dB. = Good •50dB-60dB. = Poor and may experience connectivity issues •60dB. and above = Bad and will experience connectivity issues Line attenuation also affects your speed. •75 dB+: Out of range for broadband •60-75 dB: max speed up to 512kbps •43-60dB: max speed up to 1Mbps •0-42dB: speed up to 2Mbps+

09/02/2010   Internet

SNR means Signal to Noise Ratio

SNR means Signal to Noise Ratio. Simply put divide the Signal value by Noise Value and you get SNR. You need high SNR for a stable connection. In general, a higher signal to noise ratio will result in less errors. •6bB. or below = Bad and will experience no line synchronisation and frequent disconnections •7dB-10dB. = Fair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions. •11dB-20dB. = Good with little or no disconnection problems •20dB-28dB. = Excellent •29dB. or above = Outstanding

09/02/2010   Internet

bash find email year based

for i in `find . -type f -iname ‘*[0-9]*’` ; do  head -n $(grep -m1 -n ^$ $i | awk -F : ‘{print $1}’) $i | grep “^Date.*\ 2005\ ” -q  ; if [ $? != 1 ]; then echo $PWD $i; fi ; done

09/02/2010   Bash

Dominio .it non viene rinnovato

Dominio .it non viene rinnovato Maintainer da  disdetta al Registro Registro mette stato NO-PROVIDER-MNT x 60 giorni Registro mette stato REDEMPTION-NO-PROVIDER x 30 giorni (no modifica intestatario) Registro mette stato PENDING-DELETE dopo 5 giorni è libero

03/04/2009   Tips

/etc/hylafax/hosts.hfaxd: No such file or directory

Unable to open the user access file /etc/hylafax/hosts.hfaxd: No such file or directory $ls -la /etc/hylafax/hosts.hfaxd -rw——- 1 uucp root 362 2009-04-03 11:01 /etc/hylafax/hosts.hfaxd Hylafax Debian Etch search for /var/spool/hylafax/etc/hylafax/hosts.hfaxd NOT for  /etc/hylafax/hosts.hfaxd simply – create dir /var/spool/hylafax/etc/hylafax/ – create soft link like /var/spool/hylafax/etc/hylafax# ls -al lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   24 2009-04-03 11:03 hosts.hfaxd -> […]

03/04/2009   Linux, [RISOLTO]

Proftpd lock root allow resume – block per ip

DefaultRoot                     ~ RequireValidShell               off TimesGMT                        off AllowRetrieveRestart            on AllowStoreRestart               on —————– block external login selective <IfUser user1> <Limit LOGIN> order allow,deny allow from all deny all </Limit> </IfUser> <IfUser user2> <Limit LOGIN> order allow,deny allow from all deny all </Limit> </IfUser> <IfUser AND !user1 !user2> <Limit LOGIN> order allow,deny allow from192.168.26.0/24 deny all </Limit> </IfUser>

03/03/2009   Linux