HAProxy pfsense ssllabs Overall Rating A+

pfsense v 2.7.2 – HAProxy 2.9-dev6-f75a369 Settings -> SSL/TLS Compatibility Mode -> Intermediate (disables HIGH ciphers, SHA1, TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1.) Frontend -> Advanced ssl options Frontend -> Advanced certificate specific ssl options Result Protocols TLS 1.3 Yes TLS 1.2 Yes TLS 1.1 No TLS 1.0 No SSL 3 No SSL 2 No TLS […]

20/06/2024   HAProxy, pfsense

Crowdsec quick CLI HTTP test

Add scenario http-dos-switching-ua Create bash script on client side “/usr/local/bin/crowdsecUAtest.sh” Turn on the executable bit Try Alternative:

28/03/2024   Crowdsec

BAD crawler / scraper ip address blacklist

IPv4 blacklist http-dos related activity, bad bot, fast user agent switching. Not included: italian IP address, googlebot.com, yandex.ru,baidu.com,yahoo.net,amazon,cloudflare https://www.texilee.it/bad-crawler-scraper-ip-address-blacklist

20/02/2024   blacklist, DDOS, ipset

body / header rules spamassassin

/etc/spamassassin/local.cf header LOCAL_ET_PHISHINGIe ALL =~ /(Antonio Balajadia|gocompany.top>|godatastamp.top|expresscourier.icu)/iscore LOCAL_ET_PHISHINGIe 20.1 body LOCAL_ET_URL_RULEea /(Password\ archivio|equipamentosmix|daprofesional.com|cse-engineer.com|psyberhawk.com|muebleslostroncos.cl)/iscore LOCAL_ET_URL_RULEea 20.1

03/11/2020   Spamassassin

Spamassassin channel

/etc/cron.hourly/sa-update sa-update –nogpg –channel updates.spamassassin.org retval=”$?” if [ $retval -eq 0 ]; then compile=1; fi sa-update –nogpg –channel spamassassin.heinlein-support.de retval=”$?” if [ $retval -eq 0 ]; then compile=1; fi sa-update –nogpg –channel sa.schaal-it.net retval=”$?” if [ $retval -eq 0 ]; then compile=1; fi

03/11/2020   Spamassassin

Fail2Ban Whitelist Cloudflare IP

edit /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf “ignoreip” can be an IP address, a CIDR mask or a DNS host. Fail2ban will not ban a host which matches an address in this list. Several addresses can be defined using space separator. ignoreip =

03/11/2020   Linux